What is Influence Power (IP)™? What will affect one’s score?

Influence Power (IP) indicates the lifetime influence of your public profile based on data from social network. It is calculated to indicate the lifetime influence of one public figure based on his performance on social network. The score ranges from 1.00 to 10.00 and which the average score varies based on the location and identity of influencers. For instance, the average score of Hong Kong influencers on Instagram with over 5,000 followers is 4.86.

How do you determine my identity & interest?

Based on a content analysis framework, the system explains the types of influence by categorizing one’s public profile associated with their identity, interest, gender and location. With profiles claimed by influencers themselves, the platform can better implement the influence benchmarking framework that bridges the relationship among different users.

How can i list my profile on the platform?

The influencer engine might sometimes miss your nice profile. You may register an account first and connect your profile to make it visible to the community in the next update.