How can i improve my Influence Power (IP)™ and Influence Power Ranking (IP-Rank)™ ?

As the Influence Power (IP)™  calculation is based on your performance on multiple social media platforms, the best way to improve your Score is to create quality contents that attract people to interact with you online. It is very important to keep a stable engagement with your audience, such as keeping a certain amount of interaction (like/comment/share). Our scoring methodology will also take into consideration your improvement in audience interaction over a period of time.

Rome was not built in one day. Let’s start creating some great contents on our social media page today!

Can i search influencer profile?

Yes, every user can search influencer profiles in the platform. Meanwhile, you might view the leaderboard to explore the weekly and monthly top influencers. You can click and see those profiles listed on the leaderboard or similar influencers in the recommendation box.

How can i claim and edit my profile?

You can register an account first. The next updates will allow you to fill in the channel you have, while related verification will be available for you to claim and edit your profiles.