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Article Updates: v3.0 創作人檔案全面升級 - 跨平台數據整合

  創作人檔案全面升級 - 跨平台數據整合 Feb 25, 2017 – 亞洲首個網絡創作人專業平台Cloudbreakr推出v3.0重點更新,自推出香港、台灣及新加坡版本後,網站現已有超過10,000萬份創作人及自媒體檔案,累計分析了過二千萬條社交媒體貼文,觸及受眾達三億四千萬人。 跨平台整合:是次更新重點針對跨平台的整合,通過不同用戶的調查及訪談,重新設計個人檔案版面,並整合Facebook專頁與Instagram的熱門帖文、數據、指標及排名,以提升創作人及自媒體檔案的專業形象及身份完整性;同時在個人檔案上,新增了獎項一欄,列出本週之星及分類排行榜等排名獎項。 優先試用商業版洞察分析:另外,新舊用戶可以在登入網站後,將帳戶作認證並升級至商業版,優先免費試用檔案上新增的洞察分析報告,查看相關媒體頻道的互動、參與、增長及比較參考等。 提升更新速度與推出繁體中文版本:兩項其他更新包括-Instagram熱門帖子的版面由每日更新升級至每小時更新,以呈現更即時的話題分析成效。同時,網站正式推出繁體中文版本,以迎合大量台灣用戶的需求。 Cloudbreak的平台自推出至今4個月,共吸引1,500多個註冊用戶,當中包括各大廣告及公關公司、國際品牌、網絡創作人與傳媒,為滿足更多商業用戶的需要,Marketer專用的付費版搜尋分析工具,將於月內推出,有關詳情將容後公佈。 如欲了解更多,請即登記試用! Influencer Profile Upgrade – Cross-platform Analytics Feb 25, 2017 – Cloudbreakr, the Asia-based Influencer Professional Network, releases its v3.0 key update today. Since the launch of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore version, the platform now has over 10,000 influencer and new media […]

Article Updates: v2.3.3 – 搜尋引擎功能更新

搜尋引擎功能更新 Dec 20, 2016 – 亞洲首個網絡紅人專業平台Cloudbreakr推出v2.3.3更新,繼推出台灣版本後,是次更新將容許全球用戶直接以帳戶名稱﹑關鍵字及超過100個內容興趣分類進行搜尋,找出相關的網絡創作人、網絡紅人及自媒體,並整合有關帳戶的工作聯絡方式,讓用戶更快聯絡合適的人選。 作為獨立的專業平台,Cloudbreakr團隊會繼續努力,為業界人士提供更佳的用戶體驗。如欲了解更多的資訊,請即登記!   Influencer Search Engine Enhancement and Profile Verification Dec 13, 2016 – Cloudbreakr, the Asia-based Influencer Professional Network, releases its v2.3.3 update today. This release allows public users to search influencer profiles on instagram by ID, keywords and over 100 interest tags. In addition, Cloudbreakr has also introduced the contact […]

Glossary Theme

A Theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical front-end interface with an underlying unifying design for a site. A WordPress Theme modifies the way the site is displayed and designed, without modifying the underlying core programming of WordPress. While some associate a WordPress Theme with “skinning” your site with […]

Glossary Spam

Once upon a time, SPAM was an animal by-product that came in a can and was fodder for many Monty Python sketches, but since the world-wide adoption of the internet as an integral part of daily life, Spam has become synonymous with what is wrong with the internet. Spam, in general terms, is an email […]

Glossary RDF

Resource Description Framework. A language used to describe the locations of resources on the web. WordPress can produce output in RDF format that describes the locations of posts. Like RSS, RDF is used for content syndication.

Glossary Query String

A sequence of codes in a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that a web page uses to determine what dynamic data to display. The query string in a URI comes after an initial question mark, and may contain several parameters separated by ampersands. WordPress uses query strings to indicate criteria to search for specific posts or […]

Glossary Page

A Page is often used to present “static” information about yourself or your site. A good example of a Page is information you would place on an About Page. A Page should not be confused with the time-oriented objects called posts. Pages are typically “timeless” in nature and live “outside” your blog. The word “page” […]

Glossary MIME

MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension and is an Internet standard that extends the format of email to support: Text in character sets other than ASCII Non-text attachments Message bodies with multiple parts Header information in non-ASCII character sets MIME’s use, however, has grown beyond describing the content of email and now is often […]

Glossary Hack

A hack is a bit of code written to customize or extend the functionality of a software product. Older versions of WordPress used a hack-based extension system, but versions 1.2 and above of WordPress use a Plugin API with hooks for extensions.