Updates: v.3.2 全面及多角度創作人檔案搜尋體驗 - 進階標籤(Hashtag)搜尋

July 25, 2018 –  網絡創作人行銷平台Cloudbreakr發佈v.3.2.更新,是繼去年推出馬來西亞版本及檔案進階搜尋後的新改動。



Cloudbreakr的平台自推出至今,已吸引過六千個註冊用戶。是次更新重點針對品牌主及營銷人員的需要,另外我們設有數個新功能正處於內部測試階段 ,當中包括流程優化、關鍵字搜尋及趨勢分析等,更全面地覆蓋不同用戶的需要。

Cloudbreakr Updates: v.3.2. 
Comprehensive Content Creator Profile Search Experience – Advanced Hashtag Search

July 25, 2018 – Cloudbreakr, the Asia-based Influencer Professional Network, releases the v.3.2. key update, a new feature since the launch of the Malaysian version and advanced profile search last year.

Dear subscribers and fans, we would like to thank you for your continued support, feedback and patience. Over the past year, our team has achieved several milestones and we are moving forward to answer all the feedback and expectation received from all our users. We have reviewed the functionality and user experience of the platform and prepared a series of upgrades on the back-end architecture.

This is the first round of new features among all new updates in the pipeline. We have applied new machine learning model to make social media post analysis and influencer profile classification more accurate. It also empowers a faster data fetching process and faster analysis on an hourly basis. With the upgraded system architecture, we are going to launch a new hashtag search feature, which expands the scope of the search and analysis from all the influencer posts within various social media. Meanwhile, users can also evaluate the effectiveness of past marketing campaigns and get insights from the post hashtag timeline as a way to review the popularity of a topic over time. It helps both brand marketers and creators better understand the trending content and who contribute to the buzz.

About the New Features:
Hashtag Search – Users can use the hashtags to find the post content that has been mentioned in the past, and further filter by the number of times the influencer had mentioned.

Campaign Performance – The new advanced search feature allows users to compare and review marketing effectiveness of relevant influencer campaigns by hashtag.

Since the beta release of our platform, Cloudbreakr has attracted 6,000 registered users. In addition to the hashtag search, we have several new upgrades in the testing phase, including process optimization, keyword search and trend analysis, to cater the need of brand marketers. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for our updates!