Updates: v3.1 一站式排行榜搜尋與發案媒合(企業版月費工具)

June 5, 2017 – 亞洲首個網絡創作人專業平台Cloudbreakr發佈v3.1更新,正式推出企業版月費工具,讓品牌用戶直接搜尋及邀請網紅、部落客與自媒體進行合作。平台自去年10月推出,網站累計流量已超過30萬,總註冊用戶超過2,000,當中包括香港、台灣、新加坡及馬來西亞等地的品牌、網紅、營銷及公關公司。



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Enterprise monthly subscription – one-stop influencer search and connect

Cloudbreakr, the Asia-based Influencer Professional Network, launches v3.1 key update with the enterprise version today. The new features enable brands to search and invite influencers for collaboration directly. Since the beta release of our platform in October 2016, Cloudbreakr has recorded over 300,000 website traffic and more than 2,000 business users across Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

This new update caters the needs of brands and marketers by integrating a comprehensive enterprise strategy. The users can now have the access to the entire platform data with the monthly subscription. In addition to the existing search tags such as  identity, interest, followers number, location and social media channel, there are also custom search features with user name and advanced keyword search. The platform has now over 10,000 influencer profiles and data insight, you can get a comprehensive picture of influencers by sorting out their Influence Power index, interactions per post and followers, etc. Moreover, users can post campaign details and invite influencers via the platform,  which save our users a lot of hassle from managing influencers and seeking their quotations.

Full enterprise version trial:

Due to the release of enterprise version, we will be extending the trial period for all business users who registered before 1st May 2017, please send us an email to sales@cloudbreakr.com. As for the business users registered after May 1, 2017, there will be a 14-day trial period, after the trial, your account will be adjusted to public user access and will be limited to influencer ranking and name search only.

If you want to learn more, please sign up at https://goo.gl/6klon7. Stay tuned!

Edwin Wong
Founder & CEO