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We hear your demand for the job marketplace and management tool, and the Cloudbreakr team have never stopped to optimize the user experience of influencers and brands. With tireless effort on product design, we are proud to announce the beta launch of our new Campaign Marketplace, which is designed for influencers to easily find potential opportunities and manage every job effectively! 

What’s New on the Platform?

1. Under Your Own Control
No contracts. No gimmicks. Register your profile with us today and you can set your preference of campaign, and our powerful platform will recommend you campaigns that match your preference. You won’t be committed to our platform exclusively and you’re in control of which campaign you want to be a part of.

2. Easy-to-use Job Marketplace  
A neatly designed campaign brief is the start of a quality branded content. By using “Marketplace”, you can manage every quotation, brand invitation, and all sort of work progress easily through the detailed and user-friendly mobile pages. 

  • Access to potential collaboration 
  • Manage your campaign anytime 
  • Neat and clear job brief

3. Manage Your Content 
 You need a simple interface for content upload and amendments for brand collaboration, here we present to you, our first version of draft management features. All sorts of formats, all sorts of comments, now we make it easier for you.  

Not sure how to kickstart your career? Check out the tutorial here. We are committed to introducing more features to our fellow influencers. Every professional content you made brings a brilliant result to brands and your fans. We care about it, and we want to be the best platform to help.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ or send us an email, we are always happy to help!