Do you think the Creativity of Designers and Illustrators will be limited by Instagram?

Who doesn’t know what is Instagram? Who never use Instagram nowadays? 

Instagram is a social media app for users to share photos and videos and in the meantime engaging with people. It is also a platform for photographers, designers, illustrators and influencers to showcase their portfolio to potential clients. But, it seems like it’s now getting harder for them to post freely on Instagram as Instagram is committing to reduce the spread of misinformation and fake news so, it came out with a new feature – fact-checker.   

Instagram gets feedback from the community and technology in order to identify whether the post has fake information and also working with 45 recognized third-party factors globally to assist them in identifying, reviewing and labeling false information. And your photo will be labeled as “False Information” at your post. This will be expanded to more countries soon.

Once a post is flagged, it will be hidden in Instagram’s Explore and Hashtag pages, along with being automatically flagged in future posts. Aside from that, Instagram also allows people to decide what they want to read, trust or share by providing them more information on the broadcast along with alerts of fake information. 

A photographer from San Francisco, Toby Harriman was the first to discover this while the was scrolling through his Instagram feed and a “False Information” warning popped up on one of his posts where a man standing on rainbow-colored mountains. Toby also tried to post a few other photoshopped images and the “False Information” popped up as well. He wrote a Facebook post about it with few screenshots of it. 

A few questions here: 
1. Will the “False Information” warning message cause trouble to the designers or illustrators out there?
2. How are they going to express their creativity in the future? 
3. Are they still able to use Instagram as their main portfolio to attract potential clients?

What do you think about it? Freely share your opinion with us.