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2020, The World of Influencer Marketing
Brands in the world are trying to find ways to break the veil of authenticity and create aspiration within their target audiences. Influencer marketing is one of the most authentic ways for brands and people to connect with each other. The best part of marketing influencer is it is not restricted by any industry or geography. In these few years time, we all know influencer marketing is growing rapidly in most of the countries and more Malaysians are actually starting to build their social media profile at a young age so that they could be one of the influencers as well while they grow up. 

Indeed, we have quite a number of influencers in Malaysia from different age range but have you ever thought of what are the reasons most influencers are not able to climb to a higher level? Because there are things that are still lacking in the influencers and need to be improved.

2 Elements to Improve as an Influencer

1. We need influencers to be more niche
“There has been an increase in demand for niche markets, especially in gaming, sports, and cosmetics products.” mentioned by Terence Ngu, the chief community officer for influencer marketing platform StarNgage.

Anyone and everyone can be influencers. As long as you have a certain amount of followers on your social media account, you can be an influencer. But brands are aiming to work with influencers who are able to influence and persuade their followers in purchasing behavior and most importantly make them buy the product. Or else, it will be a waste of money and time.  

Influencer marketing works best when an influencer speaks directly and engages often with a specific demographic. Influencers who are focusing on niche areas may not have a huge amount of followers but they are able to bring a huge result in engagement and specialization. According to the CEO of Chris Gonzalez, he mentioned that the engagement of micro-influencers are more organic and it is 2 to 5 times higher than macro-influencers and celebrities. When a brand is working with niche influencers, the result will turn out to be better than working with influencers who are focusing on various categories. 

But, what do you mean by being more niche?
Have you heard of less is better than more? Yes, this is what it means – influencers who are focusing on only one or two categories and specialize in it. Niche selection is very important as it is the niche market where you build your own name. 

So, before you decide to be an influencer, make sure you choose your niche based on your interest that you know you can work in this category for a long term. The more niche your area is, the more you nail it! 

2. We need more influencers who focus on gaming and technology content

According to the data from Cloudbreakr, we have a huge number of influencers who are focusing on lifestyle, beauty, travel, food and vlogging content in Malaysia. But, we hardly find influencers who are actually doing content for gaming or either gadget in Malaysia. It gives brands in these industries a hard time to look for suitable influencers to work with and promote their brand to the next level. But, do you know that the gaming and technology industries are actually coming up? 

Even though the numbers of gamers and techies are so limited in Malaysia, whereas, they achieved the highest Engagement Rate among other influencers who focuses on other content. The reason why they have the highest engagement rate is also that they built a strong personal relationship with their fanbase. 

So, gamers and techie out there, now you know where you can start your career right! Then, what are you still waiting for? Go create your gaming or tech YouTube account now and rock it!