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According to Influencer Marketing Hub, influencer marketing industry is set to grow to approximately US$16.4 billion in 2022 and more than 75% of brands intend to dedicate a budget to influencer marketing. However, influencer marketing is not as easy as you think. You could be searching for influencers on Instagram that have a lot of zombie followers or seeding your beauty products for women to the influencers that have male followers in the majority, which makes your marketing less effective.

To make better decisions on influencer marketing, brands should leverage data instead of the “gut feeling” or “instinct” on influencers. On Cloudbreakr platform, over a total of 80,000 social media accounts across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Southeast Asia countries are being monitored daily. You can discover trending topics, keywords and suitable influencers in seconds with data support. You would not have imagined that influencer marketing could be so easy and effortless. 

Platform features 1: Topic discovery

First, to position your brand on social media with the right marketing angle, you should listen to the social media world. That’s why we have built Topic Discovery Tool which aims to help you to understand what’s going on in the social media world. With this new tool, you can discover trending topics to market the products or services, monitor your competitor’s moves and spot the most engaging influencers in your industry. 


  • Search with keywords or hashtags to get all related posts across Instagram and Facebook
  • Monitor social posts related to your brand, your products and your competitors
  • Spot the popular influencers or media pages with specific keywords
  • Generate a dashboard that tells the demographics of your targeted audience

Platform features 2: Influencer discovery

After you shortlist the potential influencers, you can unlock their insights to check their social media performance, followers’ demographics, fake follower ratio, brand affinity, etc. You can know more about the influencers, evaluate how well they can engage your products, and achieve your marketing goal.

You can also compare the influencers and ask for quotations. Our influencer team will provide an up-to-date influencer cost regarding your request.


  • Influencer’s social media performance, including average engagement rate, follower growth, etc.
  • Social post monitoring: List out every post with likes, comments and engagement rates
  • Follower’s demographic, including male to female ratio, age group, fake follower ratio
  • Brand affinity: Show how many and which brands the influencer has worked before
  • Audience insight: Show the locations, languages, reachability and interests of the audience
  • Ask for a quotation: Get a quotation from our influencer team

Platform features 3: Influencer recruitment – Marketplace

Cloudbreakr provides a Marketplace for brands to recruit influencers. You can upload content briefs, provide product details, and set up influencer requirements and budgets on Marketplace. 

After you receive the applications, you can shortlist the desirable influencers and talk to them directly. When the campaign is finished, the platform will generate a report for campaign evaluation.


  • Campaign launch on job board which has over 1,500 active influencers
  • Influencers recruitment with performance support
  • Communicate and negotiate with influencers directly
  • Revise and comment on influencer’s content
  • Campaign reporting

If you are interested in this feature, please make an enquiry.

Additional services: Campaign management

We also provide managed services for large campaigns. We have a professional team that helps brands to manage influencer campaigns. From strategic planning to market positioning to campaign preparation to reporting, our team harness data insights in every stage of influencer campaign and empower your influencer marketing from a different perspective. 

If you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to reach out.

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