What’s in an Influencer’s Contract?

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Influencer marketing has slowly become part of the most used marketing strategy and brands should keep the importance of the contract in mind whenever they decide to work with the influencers. It doesn’t matter whether the campaign is big or small, an agreement should be signed by both parties to protect each party’s rights from any legal actions that might arise from mistakes and to avoid unpleasant working relationships.

We’ve outlined the 4 essential elements that must be included in an influencer contract below.

1. Clear Campaign and Job Details

This is one of the main components every contract should have. With a specific campaign and job brief, influencers are able to prepare better in creating the content and meets the brand’s goals. Aside from that, it is also to ensure the brands and influencers are on the same page and to prevent disagreement in the middle of collaboration.

What must be included in the campaign and job details?
1. Campaign objectives and expectations
2. Collaboration period
3. Details of the deliverables
4. Due date of the drafts and actual posting date on influencer’s platform

2. Remuneration and Compensation

It’s essential to include the financial terms of the collaboration as it would cause misunderstanding with the influencer if everything is not made clearly beforehand especially if they get paid lower than they expect. If the collaboration includes a trip or sponsored product, state clearly what is taken care of, and what is excluded.

What must be included in the campaign and job details?
1. Collaboration fees
2. Method of payment
3. By when the payment will be made to the influencer

3. Revision of the Posting Draft

Influencers should get approval from the brands before posting the content on their social media platform. Before submitting the draft to the brands, influencers should read through the guidelines given by the brands so that they could deliver the draft properly and avoid revising the draft for numerous times. As humans, we understand that endless revisions could be frustrating. Therefore, the limit number of revisions should be stated clearly in the agreement too. 

4. Conflict of Interest

This section is to clarify whether the influencer is able to collaborate or work with your competitor or other related brands. Brands need to outline the time frame for exclusivity and explicitly state the category of competitors an influencer is barred from working with within that period of time. If the influencer has a confirmed agreement with the competitor, they should inform or notify the brand in advance.

Influencer contracts are set for both parties to be aware of the expectation and also to reduce the risk of any miscommunication. Keep a room of discussion with the influencer as different influencers may have different opinions or requirements and always be flexible to edit the agreement that will bring a positive result and relationship to the whole influencer marketing campaign.