Facebook user guideline updated: end game for Tiktokers?

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Ever since the Movement Control Order imposed on the 16th of March 2020, many Malaysian influencers have been posting a lot of content on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Content like Tiktok videos are often reposted on Facebook and Instagram to reach more audiences and helped influencers to gain new followers. The table below shows how much has the usage of hashtags increased for #tiktok and #tiktokmalaysia on Instagram throughout Q2 2020. 

One thing worth mentioning is that many Tiktok videos could contain copyrighted songs and violated the fair use of copyrighted content, which could easily be neglected by the users of the platform. Besides reposting Tiktok videos, gaming influencers have utilized the latest feature on the platform to stream their gameplay via Facebook Live and accept donations using the Facebook Star by monetizing the live stream.

On the other hand, music influencers and DJs who have lost their job due to the pandemic have also used the platform to stream their performances online. However, some of the music influencers have used unauthorized music in their live stream and caused Facebook to take action against those who have violated the fair use of copyrighted content.

Facebook’s answer for unauthorized usage of copyrighted content

Some music influencers and DJs are making money off copyrighted songs without having to pay the original creator of the music to obtain a music license or even their permission, which has led Facebook to interfere and rectify things by updating the user guidelines. From October 1 onwards, users of Facebook’s services can no longer include and use unauthorized music content in all postings, regardless of what form including live streaming. This new policy takes effect on ALL FACEBOOK PRODUCTS which includes Instagram, Spark AR Studio, and even Facebook Messenger. 

Strict enforcement of the new user guidelines

According to the legal statement on Facebook, the violations of rules could bring serious consequences. Violators would have their live stream video partially muted wherever the copyrighted content is being used, or the entire video can be removed. Serious offenders could even get their Facebook Page suspended or terminated. Facebook also mentioned in their music guideline that you are responsible for the content you post, which means legal action from the record labels can be imposed.

Alternatives to use music in creative content

There are many websites and creators who are providing copyright free music, where the user would just have to give proper credentials to the creator in their videos. As for music influencers and DJs, there are many other live streaming platforms that are available other than Facebook and Instagram, where the platform has paid for the music license to use the copyrighted content for their broadcasters. However, if you really have to use a particular piece of music, you can also apply for the music license from the Music Rights Malaysia department.

Has the updated user guideline affected you? What do you think that you can do to continue creating content without violating the guidelines? Let us know in the comments!

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