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As shown from the above chart that abstract from our data, topic #Halal has been constantly mentioned by the users on Instagram in Malaysia. Malaysia is a Southeastern Asian country that is multiracial, with many different ethnic groups living in the country. Malays account for more than half of the country’s population, while significant minorities of Chinese, Bumiputera, and Indian are also present.

The concept of Halal marketing was traditionally understood to apply to food products and banking & financial services but its increasing attention among consumers of other product categories like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fashion, education, leisure & entertainment and hospitality & tourism services. Hashtag topics like #produkmuslim #halalcosmetics #hijab #muslimfashion #muslim are also popular among malay community. Let’s scroll down and explore more!


Muslim marketing is going mainstream, it is foresee that there will be a lot of growth over the next five years especially in the hijab fashion industry. According to the Thomson Reuters’ “State of the Global Islamic Economy” report, muslim consumer spending on apparel is expected to rise to $368 billion by 2021.

Hijabs are slowly being introduced in the fashion scene – with influencers, bloggers and brands joining the push for increased diversity. Last year Tajima has teamed up fast fashion retailing giant UNIQLO to launched its first line in Asia, seen as one of the first times a major high street store has targeted the Muslim market. A New Style of Comfort, as the range is subtitled, “fuses modern designs with traditional values and superlative comfort”. It includes everything from “elegant pants and flowing, breezy dresses to the iconic hijab, kebaya and jubbah”.

Many small brands claimt that “Muslim women are tired of being told they couldn’t be fashionable,” and this is why “They took to social media, like Instagram, and became powerful influencers in the fashion space. You can’t ignore them when they have millions of followers.” Companies which see the potential in designing for Muslim women will invest time and resources into it. Some companies will try and tweak existing designs, or others may recommend a mainstream aesthetic to Muslim women.


Furthermore, many of the bloggers echoed the same sentiment: Their goal is not just to make it easier for Muslim travellers to find food, prayer spaces and alcohol-free activities that appeal to them. It’s also to support those travellers to branch out of their comfort zones and feel empowered exploring the world.

Especially the younger generation of Muslim Millennials and Generation Z are becoming more aware of the benefits of Muslim-friendly travel. They explore countries and cities that are not predominantly Muslim but rather they have the ability to explore and develop their confidence in places that they want to visit without the restriction of halal. 

And Airasia collaborated with 3 muslim influencers to fly to taiwan earlier in July this year. This is to promote Taiwan as one of the muslim friendly country. Through influencer marketing, they introduced multiple activities and attractions that allow the malay to experience other cultures.

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According to Hamdi of Halal Travel Guide, she encouraged Muslims to seek culturally immersive travel experiences outside of the traditional Muslim-friendly destinations such as Dubai and Morocco. Besides, she added Muslims are looking for added value to their trips, for instance, a trips that offer the Muslim traveller the chance to experience something completely different, be it culture or landscape.

So in essence Muslim travellers exploring non-Muslim countries are raising awareness of their needs and businesses are becoming to cater to those needs because they do want the repeat custom of Muslim travellers. After all, the Halal Muslim-friendly travel market is foresee to be worth $200 billion and it is meant to reach $300billions by 2030! 

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