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The sense of communities in the average consumers have overtaken the effects of traditional advertisements, word-of-mouth has ultimately dictated the purchasing decision. Hence, Influencer Marketing has become one of the common marketing tactics for brands to promote.

However, not every company has the time and resources to run the influencer marketing campaign, as the process of searching for the right influencer and execution of the tasks are often found tedious and complicated. But worry not, for Cloudbreakr has introduced the Marketplace, a one-stop solution for brands to plan, execute, and manage your influencer marketing campaign by using Artificial Intelligence, optimizing the user experience in running a marketing campaign.

Unlike the conventional way of working with traditional advertisement agencies, Marketplace allows clients to have full control of every process from launching the content, job invitation, managing applications, and communication on both parties. Other than that, an account manager will be assigned to assist clients throughout the process including inviting an influencer and getting a quotation, managing the content, and even processing the payment.

1. Influencers Recommendation

By using the exclusive AI system that Cloudbreakr offers, clients just have to create a basic profile of the campaign, our platform will then select suitable candidates among the enormous database of influencers based on the campaign goal, budget, tiering, and targeted audience that can be configurated by the client.

In order to minimize time consumption, clients can also search for influencers by typing a keyword, and select among the influencers who match the criteria. Information about engagement rate, follower count will be shown next to the results so that clients do not have to compare the influencers one by one. If the client wishes to get different results of recommendation, our platform will recommend another batch of influencers by simply adjusting the campaign criteria or pressing the Regenerate button.

Cloudbreakr’s platform collects data of influencers including content and information across Facebook and Instagram, and updates on a daily basis by using our AI algorithm. Currently, Cloudbreakr’s platform covers the information of influencers across South East Asia including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia. Allowing our clients to run campaigns across different nations without any difficulties.

2. Comprehensive Content Management

Cloudbreakr merges the functions to contact influencers, sending invitations, submitting quotations, content moderation, and post-campaign performance tracking all into the Marketplace. When setting up the campaign, the client can set guidelines and directions for the content. Such as showing the product in the pictures, inserting the brand logo, or insert specific hashtags. After completing the basic information of the campaign, clients can set the campaign to be “Public” or “Private” and sending an invitation to up to 100 influencers to participate. The response of participation will be sent through the platform and e-mail in real-time, the client can even contact the influencer using instant message.

Shortlisted influencers would have to submit their drafts within the time limit set by the clients through Content Progress. Clients are able to manage, edit, provide feedback, and approve the drafts, all at the same platform.

3. Performance Tracking and Analysis using AI

KPI plays a critical role in running an influencer marketing campaign. However, “how to set a suitable KPI for a campaign” and “how to collect and analyze the insights” have always been a challenge for marketers. By using the AI algorithm in Cloudbreakr’s platform, we are able to assist clients to set KPI and track the performance in real-time. As soon as the campaign is launched, brands are able to track and monitor every progress throughout the campaign. Clients will be able to review the performance of the sponsored content (follows, likes, comments, and engagement rate) by simply clicking the Report button, ultimately optimize the ROI and performance of the campaign.

4. Full control of your influencer marketing campaign

The amount of work in communicating between client and influencers, requesting for quotation and negotiation, contract signing, and payment process are often found complicated and tedious. Every influencer has its unique style, to make sure that they deliver what was requested can be tricky sometimes even when the brand has the resources and budget.

The marketplace is a powerful marketing tool that simplifies the work and overcomes the difficulties of creating an influencer marketing campaign. Regardless of the scale of your campaign, Marketplace only charges a fixed rate for using the tool, allowing clients to fully control the cost to run the campaign. Influencers and brands could communicate easily either via e-mail or through the platform, and the charges for posting can either be configured or quoted by the influencer after accepting the job offer and confirming the details, then the collaboration can start right away. The payment arrangement can be proceeded according to the agreement between both parties. Regardless of the scale of your campaign, Marketplace allows you to monitor the comprehensively without breaking a sweat.

Whether you are an SME who is trying out influencer marketing or a brand who is trying to minimize your marketing cost, Marketplace is the marketing tool that helps to solve the problem of matching influencers, allocating marketing budget, and even evaluating marketing effectiveness. With only a one-off payment, you will be able to run your influencer marketing campaign regardless of the location and the cost of management.

Let us do all the hard work and assist you to maximize your ROI in influencer marketing. You are entitled to a 7-days FREE TRIAL session if you sign up with us today! The exclusive functions will be unlocked for the premium users, contact us if you are interested to know more!

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