Cloudbreakr App – A New Job Matching Platform for Influencers!

To help influencers find jobs fast, make money easier, and enjoy more exclusive perks, we are proud to announce the launch of our new job matching mobile application for Cloudbreakr influencers – Cloudbreakr App. Download now to discover the new functions and enjoy a whole new experience!

App features:

1. Discover and match jobs at no cost

Cloudbreakr marketplace

You can check the latest campaigns and the campaign details on the app. No matter you are at the office, at school, or home, you can freely apply your favourite campaign without any contracts binding.

2. Communicate with brands directly

Cloudbreakr instant messenger

Application features instant messenger. You can talk to the brands for job details. For some specific campaigns, you can even make your desire offer and negotiate with the brands. If you have anything uncleared about the campaign, you can communicate with the brand in instant messenger.

3. Manage content easily

Cloudbreakr content management

Application features content management tool. When you finish the content, you can submit it to the brand via the app. You can submit your work in photo, video, or file format. To facilitate your work, the campaign page provides the brand’s required hashtags and mentions, you just need to tap on the hashtags to copy and paste.

The brand will receive your work instantly after your submission. They can review and comment on your work on the app, which saves a lot of time in the complicated review process.

4. Your social media profile analysis

Cloudbreakr profile

Powered by big data, you can check your influence power in your profile including your ranking, followers engagement rate, average likes, etc. With solid data, you can have a better picture of your social media profile.

How to become a Cloudbreakr influencer

Download the Cloudbreakr App now to find job opportunities and enjoy exclusive perks:

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