Cloudbreakr與中小企「分享 ‧ 商助」


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4 Advantages of Instagram Live Taking Your Brand to the Next Level

Instagram came out with another awesome feature for the platform called Instagram Live in November 2016. Instagram Live allows users to broadcast real-time videos on their feeds and millions of Instagram users who began using it in a myriad of ways were happy with it. In this article, we will discuss on why you should ride on the trend.

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Next Set of High Value Influencers: Micro-Influencers

While it might seem tempting to jump in at the deep end and throw all your money at the biggest influencer in your industry, that’s not always the best answer. In fact, it’s well worth considering the different levels of influencers such as micro-influencers.

If you’re keen to dip your toe into influencer marketing or if you’re just interested in a strategy shakeup, let’s dive into the world of micro-influencers together with your influencer campaigns.

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