Cloudbreakr Major Updates (November 2022)

In November, we made some platform updates to improve influencer searching experience. Here are the major platform updates:

  • My Watchlist
  • Search YouTube channel
  • New “influencer’s interests”
  • Flexible searching option: AND/OR

My Watchlist

Influencer management tool – My Watchlist

To save your favorite influencers, you can add them to your watchlist. Once you added, go to “My Watchlist” and you will see their performance including follower, engagement and Influence Power.

More than that, you can assign influencers to different watchlists. For instance, if you have multiple influencer campaigns, you can move the influencers to different watchlists to manage them in separate watchlists.

Search YouTube channel

Cloudbreakr influencer discovery - Search YouTube channel
Influencer discovery – Search YouTube channel

Now, you can search YouTube channels by selecting “YouTube” in the social media section. When we work with brands, we often hear them asking for influencers not only to have Instagram or Facebook but also YouTube channels. We can see YouTube is rapidly catching up. 

Moreover, according to Hootsuite Global State of Digital 2022 report, YouTube users spend almost 24 hours each month on the YouTube mobile app, while Facebook users only spend 19.6 hours each month on Facebook app. It means your content is more effectively delivered to your target audience on YouTube than Facebook or Instagram. If you haven’t collaborated with YouTubers before, try to find them now!  

New influencer’s interests

As we learned from you and other platform users, we know which type of influencers are more popular. Also, we know an influencer has many aspects. She could be a food lover owning a cat and has two children. How could you find this influencer on Cloudbreakr? We have modified the “influencer interests” so that you can find influencers more flexibly and accurately. 

Cloudbreakr new interests list
Influencer discovery – New influencer’s interests

For example, if you want to find a female food lover that owns a pet. You can select “Female” (Gender), “Food Blogger” (Identity) and “Pet” (Interests).

Cloudbreakr influencer search - interests
Influencer discovery – Female food lover with pets

Flexible searching option: AND/OR

Sometimes, you don’t know which type of influencers you are looking for but you want to find a particular content that interests you, that’s where you can use “And/Or” option.

Cloudbreakr influencer discovery - AND/OR option
Influencer discovery – AND/OR option

If you want to find some influencers that are fashion-related, you can select “Style & Fashion” and “Model”. By default, we apply “AND” logic, which means you select influencers that have BOTH interests. If you want to find either one, you can select “OR” on the right hand side of interests, which means you are finding influencers that are either “Style & Fashion” related or “Model” related.

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