Micro Influencer Landscape 2021

Micro influencer

According to We Are Social, more than 4.5 billion people now use theinternet, while social media users have passed the 3.8 billion mark.It’s a social media world and we are living in it. Social media changeseveryone’s behaviour. In the past, we received information from TV,radio, and newspaper; Now, we can easily access it through Facebook,Instagram, […]

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Merdeka Package for SME

According to Malaysia’s Health Ministry, the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has been predicted to hit us in the next six months. Many businesses are once again affected especially SMEs, and going online seems to be the only option. However, Cloudbreakr has noticed that some businesses are still not prepared in terms of budget and the human resource to promote. To ease their burdens, Cloudbreakr has come up with the Merdeka Package which allows SMEs who are affected by the pandemic to promote themselves using Influencer Marketing at an affordable price.

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Why Traditional Marketing is Being Replaced by Influencer Marketing?

As the age of traditional marketing has been taken over by influencer marketing, many brands are now trying to ride on the trend. But how is influencer marketing better than traditional marketing? What are the reasons that sped up the transition?

In this article, we will find out the factors that caused traditional marketing being replaced by influencer marketing.

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