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After the first launch of our Merdeka Package, we have received numerous requests hoping that we can relaunch the plan. To attend to this demand, we have decided to officially launch the SME Package 2.0! To kickstart your year with influencer marketing, quickly grab the chance and register TODAY!

Cloudbreakr will be providing a one-stop solution for SMEs from searching and inviting influencers, drafting contracts, managing content submissions, and even payment. 

SME Package 2.0 is exclusively introduced to SMEs who have registered in Malaysia. We are happy to introduce the NEW plan – the Nano Package. Offering 5 Instagram Picture posts, and 10 Instagram Stories from nano influencers who have 3,000-4,999 followers, at an irresistible price of RM1,500.

Other than the Nano Package, we are also bringing back the popular Micro Package which was named as Merdeka Package when we first launched the plan. With only an affordable amount of RM2,500, you are able to get 10 Instagram Picture posts and 20 Instagram Stories, from influencers who have 5,000 to 49,999 followers.

As for the SMEs who have a higher budget, we are now introducing the SME Package. SMEs who selected this plan will be able to get 10 Instagram Picture posts and 20 Instagram Stories, the influencers we provide would have a follower number ranged from 10,000 to 99,999 followers at a price of RM4,000.

Other than SME Package, Cloudbreakr has also offered SMEs a different plan which is the Live Streaming Package where SMEs can use the power of influencers to kickstart their live streaming business by using micro-influencers with the lowest price of RM1800 only.

The Live Streaming Package starts from RM1,800 for the Basic Package, where SMEs will get 1 influencer to do live streaming for 1 hour on Instagram, with 2 Instagram stories. All the influencers provided in this package will have a follower number ranged from 5,000 to 49,999, depending on the availability.

Other than that, we have also introduced the Advanced Package, priced at RM3,200. SMEs who selected this plan will get 2 influencers to do live streaming for 1 hour on Instagram, with 2 Instagram stories.

As for SMEs who aim to present professional live streaming, we also have a Pro Package to offer. The offering would be similar to the Advanced Package, which is 2 influencers, 1 hour IG Live, and 2 Instagram Stories. What differentiates between them is that Pro Package will include a professional video team in a professional photo studio, the cost of option would cost an additional RM5,000.

The setting of the studio for Pro Package, equipped with professional cameras, lighting and live streaming software.

This is definitely an affordable and best plan for your brand to stand out and have a great turnover in 2021. Sign up for the SME package before 31/1/2021 to enjoy the exclusive price from Cloudbreakr! If you would like to know more about the SME Package 2.0 or SME Live Streaming Package, you may contact us at or leave your enquiries here.