Why is my influencer marketing not working?

When brands have spent thousands of dollars investing in influencer marketing, they would like to see a high return on investment. But sometimes, when the influencer marketing does not work, it leaves brands scratching their head trying to figure out why. Today, we are talking about the reasons why your influencer marketing strategy is not working.

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Why Traditional Marketing is Being Replaced by Influencer Marketing?

As the age of traditional marketing has been taken over by influencer marketing, many brands are now trying to ride on the trend. But how is influencer marketing better than traditional marketing? What are the reasons that sped up the transition?

In this article, we will find out the factors that caused traditional marketing being replaced by influencer marketing.

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在新冠肺炎的衝擊下,隔離變成常態。隨著出門時間大幅減少 、工作安排普遍以 work from home為主、學校學習考試轉為線上教學、日常飲食傾向外賣速遞 , 持續的疫情重創全球經濟,亦改變了人們的生活習慣。「宅經濟」的出現對市場又產生哪些變化?

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