The Rise of Influencer Marketing in Malaysia

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In Malaysia, no matter if you are a primary school student or a 70 years-old auntie, almost everyone now has a social media account. In the past few years, newspapers got thinner, TV ads got cheaper, and radio got quieter. The rise of internet and social media have given us so many alternatives that we no longer access information and consume content in the way we used to. Riding on the digital wave that is sweeping across ASEAN, there is a rapid increase in the demand of influencer marketing.

In response to this rising interest in influencer marketing, Cloudbreakr has announced the release of “The Landscape of Influencer Marketing in Malaysia”, a white paper resource for marketers looking to incorporate the use of influencer marketing as a branding strategy. Here is a variety of examples showing the landscape of influencer marketing in Malaysia, how brands have worked with influencers, followed by key learnings on how best to collaborate with them.

The key findings of this report include:

i. The influencer marketing overview
Generated Content (PGC). They are also in different tiers by taking account onto the size of their audience. Brands are now increasingly looking for influencers in diversified categories and tiering to roll out a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy to maximize both reach and engagement. Let’s take Instagram as an example, influencers are classified and tiered as below.

Influencer category:

ii. Engagement Rate and Influence Power Score
Engagement rate is one of the criteria which brands are searching for influencers to work with. This white paper shows the average engagement rate of different types of influencers. An AI – powered algorithm is also used to take five main features into account to measure the influencer popularity (Influence Power).  It finds that influencers with smaller followings tend to have higher engagement rates than those of mega-influencers.

Average engagement rate:

KPI Measurement on Influencer Campaign
Whether your influencer marketing campaign takes off immediately or takes time to build momentum, it’s important to continuously monitor and track its performance. There are many KPIs that serve a purpose for different elements of your strategy, but when it comes to influencer marketing, here comes five essential ones to focus on in order to help you to stay on track with your influencer marketing campaign!

5 Essential KPIs for measurement:

Common Influencer Marketing Tactics and Case Studies
After activating 4,000 influencers across 120 campaigns, we’ve seen influencers used in different ways. Here are the most common marketing tactics Cloudbreakr aware across those out-performing influencer marketing campaigns. Learn from the best influencer marketing examples and discover the top performing influencer marketing tools.

Challenges and Future Trends of Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing has made huge strides in the last couple of years as social media channels like Facebook and Instagram have broadened their reach, but, as influencer marketing grows as a discipline, it still has a long way to go and the challenges start arising. The good thing is, influencer marketing will have more opportunity than ever to shine with the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). More and increasingly diverse brands are now expanding their influencer marketing efforts globally by using AI, in the attempt to understand how it can be optimized to bene fit their bottom line.

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