Cloudbreakr new feature: YouTube metric analysis

In October 2021, we have officially deployed YouTube analysis on Cloudbreakr platform. From now on, you can easily track, analyze, and compare different YouTuber performances all in one place!

Applause to our IT gurus, Cloudbreakr is capable to crawl over 1,000 (the number is growing!) YouTube channels in Hong Kong and the southeast Asia region. According to we are social’s report, YouTube is the most-used social platform in Hong Kong (86.9%). With the diversity of video categories and highly engaging content, YouTube is a sweet spot to let influencer marketing take place. So, let’s discover the amazing features that help you easily spot, compare, and choose the perfect YouTuber all in one place!

YouTube metrics & Influence attributes

On the influencer profile page, you can find a new tab right next to Instagram. You can see the basic metrics of the influencer’s YouTube channel, including the average view rate, channel engagement rate, likes, dislikes, and comments in a period, not to mention our self-developed influence attributes, which show the appealness, reach and engagement, taken all factors into account to reflect the overall performance.

Subscriber growth trend & Posting time pattern

To analyze YouTuber’s follower growth, we have this moving line chart showing the trend of the growth on a weekly or monthly basis. An upward trend is a good indicator reflecting follower growth.

One key factor that affects the video view rate is posting time, therefore we also include this metric in the analysis. In this showcase, you can easily find out 大J most posting time is on Wednesday at 6 PM.

Video insights

In this section, you can see the YouTuber’s videos from the latest to the oldest. Not just showing the videos, you can also overview the performance, including video view, engagement rate, like and dislike.

If you want to see the figure details, you can select the “chart view”. We will show you the video’s view, like, dislike, and engagement rate in a clean and adjustable chart table.

Video statistics

To identify outstanding YouTubers, looking at the performance trend is a good strategy. In the video statistics chart, you can see the average likes, dislikes, comments, and video views. You can also choose the date range to look at the performance in a period.

A tip from us is to identify the “spike moment”. These spike moments represent the trending videos. Spot all trending videos and find out the similarity between them. Using our platform can help you identify these spike moments with one click!

Feeling excited with our platform YouTube analytic features? If you already have an account, you can start exploring the new features! If you haven’t signed up, register a trial account to use our platform for 7 days!

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