ZALORA’s Community Influencer Program is here.

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Calling for ALL fashion-loving influencers! Cloudbreakr Malaysia has a new collaboration with Asia’s Online Fashion Destination – Zalora Malaysia to introduce their very first Referral Program. Believe me, you would not want to miss this opportunity!

What is this ZALORA Referral Program all about?

The ZALORA Referral Program is an influencer marketing program that invites fashion influencers to promote ZALORA’s product using their social media to attract followers to make purchases using a Unique Code that allows ZALORA to track. Whereas the influencer will receive a commission from the sales, and the amount will depend on how much the follower purchased.

Who is eligible to sign up for the ZALORA Referral Program?

To become ZALORA’s Community Influencer, you must fulfil the following criteria:
1. Must be Malaysian
2. Has more than 1,000 followers on Instagram
3. The Instagram account has to be a public Business or Creator Account
4. Has a Facebook account that is linked to your Instagram
5. Registered as an influencer on Cloudbreakr’s platform
6. Has a ZALORA account

How does the payment process?

You will be required to set up an account under ZALORA’s system to track how much you have earned and provide your banking information. The payment will be automated via ZALORA’s system and it will take 75 days to process.

You will be given 2 options on the type of rewards you will be earning. The first option would be Cash, which is 8% of the total purchases made using your Unique Code, an extra 2% of commission will be given for every successful purchase made by a first-time shopper.

The second option would be ZALORA Cashback, which is 15% of the total purchases using your Unique Code, an extra 5% of commission will be given for every successful purchase made by a first-time shopper. Do take note that ZALORA Cashback will not be able to cash out from your ZALORA Wallet and the method of payment can only be selected ONCE at the moment.

The ZALORA Referral Program is already launched on Cloudbreakr’s Marketplace and open for registration. Either you are an established influencer or just starting your career into the business, this is a campaign that you must not miss out, sign up today to explore more with us!