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Through various filters such as countries/regions, influencer types, social platforms, followers, rates of engagement/follower growth as well as post keywords matching, Cloudbreakr helps you to take the time-consuming guesswork out of influencer discovery. Sign up now to start your influencer discovery journey!

Advanced Search

Cloudbreakr is capable to help brands to filter relevant profiles from over 100,000 influencer profiles on our platform. To do so, simply navigate to the Discovery tab, users are able to configure different criteria including region, identity, interest, gender, social media platform, and even the followers’ range. By narrowing the criteria, influencers who are relevant to the field or product can be found easily and smartly. For example, selecting using different criteria like “Fashion Stylist”, “Art & Design”, “Female” and “Instagram” shows results of influencers who match the criteria.

Profile Insight Unlock

Covered regions include Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, we constantly collect the information from social platform including Facebook and Instagram with updated data every day. Free version users have access to basic information like influencer ranking, complete profile, identity, followers count, Influence Power ratings, and recent posts of the influencer.

Whereas for the Premium accounts, which we strongly recommend to professional advertisers with pride, gets advanced insights of the influencer’s profiles including the exact number of followers on different social media platforms, the growth rate of followers, age and location demographics, frequently used hashtags and influencer attributes.  Our exclusive influencer discovery tool is equipped with image recognition for enriched creator data including interest and brand affinities. 

Watchlist & Comparison

Two of the most exciting functions that we are proud to introduce are the Add to Watchlist and Add to Compare functions. After screening for several candidates, users can compare the statistics of each influencer to select one that fits the criteria the most. The new function not only simplifies the process, but it also helps to save time for users to compare influencers, maximizing every cent spent on the advertising budget.

Influencer Ranking Leaderboard

Cloudbreakr also has an influencer ranking leaderboard that updates every day. The system list and rank the top 30 influencers from several aspects including engagement with followers, reach on social media, growth rate of followers, region, and even the identity they have positioned themselves. Users can refer to the leaderboard to tell the ability of the influencer to influence in the specific region, and better estimate the effects of the influencer marketing campaign.

Topic Searching Tool

Other than optimizing the user experience in searching for influencers, Cloudbreakr has included a new function named Topic Search. It allows users to find relevant topics and hashtags by simply typing the keywords, in order to track previous posts that used relevant words or hashtags and see what content gives the highest engagement rate. Currently, Topic Search supports data from Facebook and Instagram, and the search result can be filtered by the region, social media platform, and date. It is crucial to be able to access the latest topic in real-time during a time where quickness decides the success of an influencer marketing campaign.

We have given our platform a complete overhaul, from the user interface to the data analysis algorithm, in order to provide the best user experience our clients deserve. With integrated tools for influencer discovery, topic search, and ranking leaderboard catering to different segments, marketers can surface the best creators for your brand with the discovery engine built for scale. 

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