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The COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge the human race has faced since World War Two. Despite being locked down at home, there is no sign of brands stopping their social media marketing activities. Here we have two successful campaigns that Cloudbreakr assisted brands to run in the past few months.

1. Derma Angel Acne Patch Giveaway

Earlier in July, Noel Faizal, Aniq Suhair, and several other influencers were invited to take part in Derma Angel and Miacare’s promotional campaign on Instagram. They have tested and reviewed the products on their social media in picture format and also story format to share the experience with their followers. Other than reviewing, the influencers have also run a sweepstake of Derma Angel’s acne patch. The promotion was a huge success in terms of likes and comments, which have gained an engagement rate of up to 17.89%.

2. Xixili Reseller Campaign

Another case study that we have gained a huge success would be the Xixili campaign held in June 2020, where Apple Tan was invited to do a live stream to promote the latest series made for pregnant consumers. Apple has tested the product and shares her experience with Xixili with her followers on Instagram Live, with the influence Apple has over the social media, the live stream has attracted a mixture of pregnant consumers and female audiences, obtained over 35,000 views. 

However, Cloudbreakr has noticed that some businesses are still not prepared in terms of budget and the human resource to promote. To ease their burdens and introduce influencer marketing to SMEs in Malaysia, Cloudbreakr has come up with the Merdeka Package which allows SMEs who are affected by the pandemic to promote themselves using Influencer Marketing at an affordable price. 

What is the Merdeka Package about?

The Merdeka Package is exclusively introduced to SMEs who have registered and matches the criteria. Starting FROM RM2500*, you are entitled to a one-month campaign. Cloudbreakr provides a one-stop solution for SMEs from searching and inviting influencers, drafting contracts, managing content submissions, and even payment. The Merdeka Package allows you to collaborate with 10 micro-influencers (with 5,000 to 25,000 followers), reaching over 100,000 potential customers, aiming to increase brand awareness and boost the sales of your business in a short amount of time.

For SMEs that are tight on budget, they would love to use promotional tools that are low on cost and high on effectiveness, and micro-influencer marketing fits all of the criteria. Unlike huge influencers, the cost to advertise is significantly higher and the ROI takes a longer time to harvest, which is not suitable for SMEs. Although the micro-influencers are always seen to be “not as famous” as huge influencers by merely seeing at the follower counts, the engagement rate of a micro-influencer is 60% higher than huge influencers according to the data from Cloudbreakr’s platform*. That is because of the way micro-influencers interact differently, by sharing their daily lives on social media, they are able to build a strong relationship with their followers, which is the advantages micro-influencers have over huge influencers. 

*Data extracted from Cloudbreakr’s platform from January to June 2020


  1. Who is eligible for the Merdeka Package?
    If you are a registered business in Malaysia who meets all the criteria, you are eligible for the Merdeka Package.
  2. How soon can I get my campaign up and running?
    Estimation of 2 weeks’ time to kick start your campaign.
  3. Can I get more influencers for my campaign?
    Yes, you can by purchasing a customized package.
  4. Can I select influencers that I prefer?
    Due to the reasonable budget, we have prepared a group of influencers who are ready to promote your products or services.
  5. If I wish to run another campaign, can I sign up for the Merdeka Package again?
    As long as you register and purchase the package BEFORE 30th of September, you can keep the credit for another campaign.
  6. Who will ship my products to influencers? Who will make the payment for shipping?
    We will assist to ship the product, but the client would bear the shipping cost for the product delivery to the influencers.

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