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In the previous article “Cloudbreakr’s All-New Platform“, we have introduced how users can utilize our massive Influencer Database to look for influencers smartly. Today we will look into 4 Exclusive Functions of Cloudbreakr’s Platform. Through big data and AI computing, we provide rich insights for more than 100K vetted profiles including audience demographics, brand affinity, fraud detection, and historical performance indicators.

1. Detailed Profile Insights

Brands can access a 360° view of an influencer’s online presence with key performance metrics for both Facebook and Instagram. With easy management and simple follow-ups of influencer data, you can further evaluate influencer posts.

Using the newly added Recent Insights, brands can review the performance of the recent posts from the influencers at a glance. The chart provides users the recent likes, comments, and engagement rates of the influencer. The data are updated on a DAILY BASIS to provide accurate insights. Brands are able to customize the date range of the insights as well by simply dragging the bar below the dates from the specific range of date.

2. Follower Growth Rate

Influencers who have a high follower growth rate do not necessarily have a huge fan base, but they could be potential. If brands collaborate with a rising influencer, they are able to drive traffic to the sponsored brand and deliver a higher ROI compared to those who have a low follower growth rate. Brands can also analyze profiles using the Follower Growth rate chart to determine who could be the next rising star.

The Follower Growth function captures the influencer’s follower growth rate for up to two years (selectable from 3 months/6 months/12 months, 24 months/Custom Range) by clicking on the button on the top right of the Insight Page. Other than that, brands can even select the platform to review the growth rate of the influencer.

3. Brand Affinity

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the advertisements, brands have to first evaluate the relevance between the influencer and the brand, the influencer’s identity, positioning of the product, and brand image, these factors need to be taken into the account prior to collaborating with an influencer. Understand how your brand and competitors perform among all influencers in your market and access actionable insights to guide your strategy.

Cloudbreakr has introduced an exclusive function named Brand Affinity, allowing brands to view other brands that have collaborated with the influencer previously, and how was the performance of the sponsored post. Brands can leverage the insights from the previous sponsored posts from the influencer to find out if they have collaborated with the competitors, and how did the competitor promote their products, and most importantly, predicting the results of the collaborations and make adjustments to optimize your advertising strategies.

4. Followers’ Authenticity Analysis

The number of “influencers” have influx over the years as influencer marketing has begun to popularize among brands, and EVERYONE WANTS TO BE AN INFLUENCER. Resulting in malicious accounts who offer “fake followers” and “likes purchasing” heard the demand and provide such service at a low cost. Being an “influencer” is only a few transactions away. This phenomenon could cost a lot of time for brands to verify if someone is an authentic influencer to collaborate with.

Other than scrolling through the long list of followers to find out suspicious fake accounts, brands can now use the newly added functions on Cloudbreakr’s platform which are Demographics and Follower Authenticity to quickly verify influencers. By using Artificial Intelligence, we have created an algorithm that analyzes the followers of the influencer in real-time, providing information about the followers’ gender and age distribution. Other than verifying the influencer’s profile, brands can also better determine if the influencer is suitable for the product’s targeted audience.

Other than that, Cloudbreakr’s platform runs an algorithm to analyze and categorize influencer accounts into 4 classes depending on the followers’ authenticity which are: Healthy (highly authentic), Normal (a healthy mixture of authentic and suspicious accounts), Suspicious (verification required), and High Risk (very suspicious)!

The Influencer Profile Analysis includes:

  • Average likes for every post
  • Average comments for every post
  • The growth in the number of likes and comments.
  • Followers growth rate
  • Most frequently used hashtag in the past 3 months
  • Most frequently mentions in the past 3 months
  • Average Engagement Rate of each post

For instance, if the influencer has always had a limited growth rate in the followers count for the past 6 months but suddenly had an influx in followers count in the past 2 weeks with no significant growth in the Engagement Rate, that particular influencer could have applied improper followers boosting to increase the followers count. Cloudbreakr’s system could notice that influx and categorize that account as “Suspicious”.

Cloudbreakr leverages data-driven insights to find top performers who are brand safe, on-message, and speak to your target audience. Sign up NOW to enjoy a free 7-day trial to experience all the above functions in our platform! More exclusive functions can be accessed by Premium accounts, and you may contact us if you wish to know more details.