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In the previous article, we understand brands prefer influencers who are focusing on specific content and also the numbers of gamers and techie influencers need is limited. After knowing what the brands want from the influencer’s side, this time around, we will hear what influencers would like to express from their end. 

1. We need the space of creativity

If you want great creative work, you have to allow the influencers to be their own creative director; the brand has needs and wants, but you still need to allow the storytelling to happen in that process.” said the Chief Revenue Officer of Takumi, Adam Williams

Brands should give influencers more freedom to be their own creative director for the start of the campaign and that’s when the magic will work out and go viral. Influencers built their profile over the years, they know best what type of content their followers love to see. They are also a self-created brand for themselves, so, they need a degree of creative freedom so they do not go out from what they are portraying all these while.

Some brands might be concerning the risk where influencers might ruin the brand image of a brand. Giving them the freedom doesn’t mean by giving the whole wheel to influencers to control completely. Brands can provide influencers the main goal of the campaign and the key message they would like to deliver to the public and then influencers can work it out based on it and bring their personality and lifestyle into the story. Allow them to share your brand in their own way.

Throughout the whole partnership, communication, discussion, and compromisation are very important. You can’t just be providing influencers the product and expect them to come out with a creative and persuading content for you. Always be clear with your instructions and share your ideas if you have some in your mind. 

Everything can work out if you talk it out. Bear in mind that while working with your brand, an influencer might be working with other brands for a few more campaigns as well. They can’t be just focusing on your brand alone. Loosen your control a little and you will be able to work with happier influencers who will be able to provide better content. Then, the partnership process will be pleasant and successful.

2. Brands are focusing on the numbers instead of great content

The marketing industry is blinded by the fact of the higher number of impressions indicate successful content. Great content brings interactions. In order to get a great number of impressions, traffic, and engagement, you need a creative, persuasive, emotional and informative content to do so. 

Followers follow the influencers because of the photos, videos, and hacks that they shared on their social media. From the account they followed, they are able to learn something new and also get inspiration. It is not purely because the influencers are being just purely famous or looking good. 

Quality over quantity. Depth over width. Reach does not equal value and follower count doesn’t mean people are listening. We need to stop focusing on optimizing the number of views and instead concentrate on making each one of those viewers care about your brand. Because, at the end of the day, that’s the only way you’ll drive results to your end goal,” as what Gart Vaynerchuk mentioned in his blog

Instead of focusing on how many likes, impressions or reach the photo or video gets, why not focusing on how much value the photo or video brings to the public?