4 Tips to use Instagram Live for your Business

In the previous article, we talked about the 4 Advantages of Instagram Live Taking Your Brand to the Next Level. Now let’s go straight to the point, today we will be discussing a few ways that you can use Instagram Live for your business or channel.

#1 Use it to launch or tease a product

One of the easiest ways to use Instagram Live to engage with your followers is to launch or tease a product. This works even better if you give a little sneak peek to your followers before the actual product is launch and it could create awareness and buzz around it and by the time the product is launched, people are already aware of it, interested and ready to purchase. This also could generate curiosity to get people to your website and check out the product.

Instagram Live allows you to interact with your followers in real-time, so, remember to use this golden opportunity to talk about the key features of the product and capture their attention. You may also reveal the price so they are all prepared for the product and buy it when it’s launched. Remember to include the launching date in the Live as well. 

#2 Product tutorial or review video

People these days love watching product tutorial or review video before they purchase something. They make sure they do enough research first before investing in something especially for skincare or electrical products. It is the easiest way to know how exactly a product works.

A live video can give you authenticity to the whole thing and it will make everything real for people and people these days value that a lot especially among the gen z. Live video is not like an edited or pre-record video where you can reshoot or edit anything. Everything will happen in real-time and audiences are able to see everything directly with their eyes and they can trust the product easily. Aside from that, people could also ask questions in the comment box and you are able to answer it immediately. 

#3 Host a Q&A session

Hosting a live Q&A session gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your followers and also a great way to build engagement and get closer to them. You may announce that you’re going to have a Q&A session on some date and you encourage them to ask you some questions so they what to ask you on the day.

Aside from that, you could also invite some of your followers as a guest to your Live video and both of you will be interacting directly like a video call. You can remove your followers after answering their questions and at any time and add another follower to answer their next questions. This can be a fun way of interacting with your followers and they will feel happy to be able to interact with you this closely. This could definitely create hype to your Live video. 

#4 Bring your followers for an event through Live video

Another way of bringing the crowd to your event is you can go live from the event and share some information about the event. This allows your followers to get a sneak peek on what’s happening at the event and what’s happening behind-the-scenes. At the same time, this could generate engagement with your Live video. Also, your followers could feel they are actually taking part in the event when they are watching it. After the Live video, you may post a photo of your event and invite your followers to join you for the event and this could bring hype to the event. 

As sayings, where there’s a will there’s a way. These are just a few examples of how you could go Live with your followers.  For sure, there’re many more creative and fun ways to do a Live video with your followers and I believe Instagram will come out with cooler small features for Instagram Live. Let’s wait and see.