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Since June 2020, Cloudbreakr Malaysia has been posting a ranking list named #thecloud5 during the last day of the month on our Instagram Page and also Facebook Page. Many influencers were curious about this ranking list because they would like to know how did they get on the ranking list. Today, we will be dissecting the ranking list and what are the mechanisms taken to rank influencers in our platform.

To begin with, #thecloud5 ranks influencers via an algorithm that is created by our software engineers, it’s called the Influence Power. Trademarked and only available on Cloudbreakr’s Influencer Marketing Platform. The algorithm covers 5 elements including Appeal, Engagement, Explosiveness, Activeness, and Reach, then ranks influencer according to the combined Influence Power.

The Influencer Attributes graph that shows the statistics of the influencer from 3 months ago in orange colour dotted lines, and the current statistics in blue colour lines.

1. Appeal

The Appeal element analyzes the average follower growth percentage of the previous 4 weeks. It tells brands the ability of the influencer to grow followers. When brands work with a rising influencer, there is a higher chance that new followers of the influencer

2. Engagement

As we have mentioned many times before, the effectiveness of collaborating with an influencer can be seen in the form of Engagement Rate. Engagement analyzes the ability of the influencer to engage fans, which will result in the engagement rate, calculated from likes, comments, and shares of the post. The Engagement Rate can be calculated using the formula below.

3. Explosiveness

The Explosiveness element analyses the ability to generate significant growth in post interaction. The greater the exposure and interaction the influencer can obtain in one post shows the value of their influence on promoting the product. The Explosiveness can be calculated using the formula below.

4. Activeness

This Activeness element is self-explanatory. It analyses the frequency of posting of the influencer for the past 90 days. Influencers who post frequently tend to keep their audiences better when compared to influencers who did not post regularly.

5. Reach

The Reach element calculates the number of followers of the influencer. The follower’s number takes an important position to justify the value of an influencer, but it is never the only element that brands should be looking at. Because you cannot expect a great result from a post by an influencer who merely has follower count, but never post frequently or unable to create content that can engage their audiences.

#Thecloud5 is created to recognize the effort of influencers who have been performing well for the past month. It also serves as a notice board for brands to check out these influencers who are on the list because they could be the next superstar to help your brand to reach out to a bigger audience.

Sign up TODAY as an influencer and you may have a chance to be featured on #thecloud5 too! As for business users, if you are interested in our platform and how it can benefit your brand’s influencer marketing strategy, do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange a FREE business consultation.